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About us

Tug Life Fishing is a fishing apparel brand that provides first class fishing related apparel, accessories, and gear. This brand represents a lifestyle that is all things fishing. Angling can be dated back to the beginning of human history, and what once started for survival, has become a lifestyle. Cultures all around the world embrace the sport of fishing and here at Tug Life Fishing we strive to represent the modern anglers with the most stylish and quality fishing apparel on the market!

"The tug is the drug!"

We were inspired to start the Tug Life Fishing brand from a saying that many anglers have said for years. There is one moment that anyone who has ever fished before has in common. The moment when you experience the thrill and adrenaline of a fish tugging your line. Whether it is the first fish you ever caught, or the biggest fish that got away; There is a moment when you are battling a fish and everything in the world at that moment doesn't matter other than landing the fish. You lose track of time, personal issues, the deadline at work, or anything but that exact moment you are in. That time when you are experiencing the tug, nothing matters but you and the fish. You become completely interconnected with nature and it's surreal beauty, and that moment is what we call the 'Tug Life'!